Intensified tuberculosis treatment with or without aspirin to reduce the mortality of tuberculous meningitis in patients in with or without HIV infection: randomised, controlled Phase III trial (INTENSE-TBM, ANRS 12398)

INTENSE-TBM is a clinical trial that aims to prove that intensified treatment of tuberculous meningitis can reduce the risk of death and neurological after-effects by 30%. It includes 4 countries: South Africa, Ivory Coast,Uganda and Madagascar.


  • Joseph Raseta Befelatanana university hospital, Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Pasteur Institute, Madagascar
  • Morafeno university hospital, Toamasina, Madagascar
  • Tambohobe university hospital, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
  • PAC-CI programme, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • Inserm centre, Bordeaux university, France

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