A wide range of skills allows us to move towards a common goal

Founded on the talents of our scientists, technicians, managers and support staff, our team currently counts 25 employees.


The director of the centre is appointed by joint decision by Antananarivo university and the Mérieux Foundation. CICM is governed by the Strategic Orientation Board, made up of representatives from Antananarivo university, Madagascar’s ministry of public health and the Mérieux Foundation. CICM Madagascar is self-managed, independently of its supervisory authorities.

Luc Hervé Samison


Alida Rajoelimahefa

Financial and Administrative Manager

Haingo Ralambomamy

Project Manager

Landiharisoa Rakotozafy

Project Manager

Herimampionona Andriamalala

Financial and Logistics Assistant

Onja Randriamanantena

Administrative Assistant

Personnel scientifique (par ancienneté)

A team of highly qualified scientists and technicians is responsible for carrying out our numerous research projects.

Tahinamandranto Rasamoelina

Scientific Manager

Felana Ranaivo Rabetokotany

Quality Manager

Haingonirina Razafindrakoto

Project Coordinator

Mahaly Lalarizo Rakoto

Intern in biology

Anjarasoa Ravo Razafindrakoro

Laboratory Manager

Angelot Fetra Rakotomalala

Biologist Technician

Dauphin Randriarimanana

Biologist Technician

Tiavina Rasolofoarison

Laboratory Technician

Anaïs Manampisoa Ramanarivo

Biologist Technician

Luca Claude Jonah Maharavo

Biologist Technician

Matthieu Razafindralava

Laboratory Technician

Clara Razafinandrasana

Master 2 intern

Hajanirina Nathanaëlla Randriamananjara

Biologist Technician

Honintsoa Rasoanaivo

Biologist Technician

Zaraniaina Tahiry Rasolojaona

Biologist Technician

Mirana Baliaka Ramiaramanana

Biologist Technician

Support staff (by seniority)

We can count on a solid team to support us on a daily basis in the activities of our laboratories.

Angeline Ralalaharisoa

Support Agent

Isabelle Rasoanandrasana

Tantelinofy Anjaramalala